V.1.03. UPDATE ! You wake up in a hole surrounded by darkness.

What happen's ? Try to figure out what your mission was. Is it a fantasy world or…

An entry for #CaveJam contest. Made with Adventuron.

Contact me on twitter @sleuthgames (I'am French).

Development log


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V 1.03 UPDATE : Improved some game logic and orders. Lake screen updated.

V1.01 UPDATE ! My daughter proofreads most of the English text. Must be more understandable. I have fixed some vocabulary issues.
The knight is now really leaving in the desc and art.
TIPS: X for Examine (on all objects and monster).

Hi - I think I found an error! If I plug the boat with the ring BEFORE I enter it  means I cannot use the boat because the game reports the hole is still unplugged and the ring has disappeared! So I am stuck and cannot progress further. Thanks

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Yes, but you have done right. If you fix it, you can sail or go or row boat. I just forgot to update description.

Boat fixed now ! But you still can't examine boat while inside (because of the specific  sailing code).